Theme-wise Analysis of Complaints

Since its inception and till 22 August 2015, BCCC has addressed a total of 27,676complaints, including 5262 specific complaints

  • For the period 3 July 2012 to 22 August 2015, the highest percentage (39%) of complaints were against Theme-6: Harm & Offence, followed by Theme-5: Religion and Community (28%) of the 4545 specific complaints
  • The Harm & Offence complaints pertain to portrayal of persons with disabilities, child marriage/abuse/exploitation, stereotyping of women, mistreatment of animals and airing of content offensive to public feeling
  • This is a marked departure from the earlier trend presented in January 2012, when the maximum number of complaints (47%) related to Theme-2: Sex, Obscenity & Nudity. The reversal has resulted from BCCC’s constant focus on content that violated Theme-2. A large number of Advisories issued and the bulk of penal action taken also related to content that violated theSex, Obscenity and Nudity guideline.
  • Now only 8% of complaints pertain to Theme 2—Sex, Obscenity & Nudity. A large number of these complaints were received from the Ministry of I&B and most were against the content of English TV programmes
  • Complaints relating to Theme 1–Crime & Violence: Nearly 11% of the specific complaints pertained to this Theme.
  • Complaints relating to Theme 3–Horror & Occult: 11% of the 4545 specific complaints  related to horror programmes
  • Complaints relating to Theme 4–Drugs, Smoking, Tobacco, and Solvents & Alcohol:Such complaints pertaining to depiction of smoking scenes, consumption of alcohol and drugs were found to be less than 1%
  • Complaints relating to Theme 5—Religion & Community: Approximately 28% of the complaints related to this Theme. Most complaints pertained to mythology-based programmes aired on various channels
  • Remaining 2% of the complaints pertained to Theme 7—General Restrictions. These grievances were against depiction of wrong map of India, insult to the National Flag and wrong portrayal of court proceedings