Self-Content Regulation


Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC) 

Broadcasting Content Complaints Council has entered its sixth year of operations. What began as a self-regulation measure has turned into a well-accepted and independent paradigm of adjudicating complaints on IBF member channels with hundred per cent compliance. The Council is currently headed by former Supreme Court judge, Justice (Retd) Vikramajit Sen.

Justice Mukul Mudgal chaired the Council for three years and gave it the necessary credibility and trustworthiness through an impartial and transparent functioning. His predecessor, Justice A.P. Shah, while presiding over as the founding Chairperson, BCCC the tenacity and the reasonableness that it so required during its initial functioning years to gain all round acceptability.

BCCC has so far held 67 meetings and issued 13 advisories on various issues. 41932 Complaints, including 8127 Specific content related complaints.  From August 2016 till July 2017, the BCCC has received 1326 Specific content related complaints out a total of 7118 complaints.

BCCC is in the process of finalizing a Standard Operating Procedure for its continued self regulation process.  This is being done in consultation with a global major firm having vast experience and domain expertise.



Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC) 

BCCC's job is to self –regulate. It advises the general entertainment, non–news channels, and sensitizes them on the nature of content and looks at programmes with a holistic perspective. It is a thirteen-member body which is headed by Justice (Retd.) Mukul Mudgal and has four eminent members of society. The National Commissions are also represented in the Council which also has four broadcast members. In addition, the Council has two Special Invitees to help it deal with language complaints.

The Council has so far held 58 meetings and 6 Interactive Sessions in different parts of the country for the benefit of IBF member channels. The Council relies overwhelmingly on the views and suggestions of all its members and appropriate consensual decisions are taken accordingly. This, perhaps explains a hundred percent compliance of BCCC decisions by the broadcasters.


So far, BCCC has received 33854 complaints, including:

1) Invalid complaints- 14475

2) Ad related complaints- 1523

3) Movie related complaints- 755

4) News related complaints- 2814

5) Quiz related complaints- 854

6) Non- IBF member complaints- 929

7) Miscellaneous complaints- 5925

8) Specific Complaints- 6579


The Council has issued 13 Advisories on various subjects in addition to IBF’s two advisory on Quiz- related shows.

1) Advisory on Depiction of Occult, Superstition, Black Magic, Exorcism & Witchcraft in TV programmes

2) Advisory on Portrayal of Persons with Disabilities in TV Programmes

3) Advisory on Depiction & Use of National Flag, National Emblem, National Anthem and Map of India in TV Programmes

4) Advisory against Showing Acid Attacks on Television

5) Advisory on Telecast of Content Sensitive to Minorities

6) Advisory on Telecast of Content on Cartoon/ Children's channels

7)Advisory on Comedy Shows

8) Advisory on Sexualisation of Children

9) Advisory on Health & Safety of Children

10) Advisory on Depiction of Animals/Wildlife in Television Programmes

11) Advisory on Award Functions

12) Advisory on Participation of Children in TV Reality Shows

13) Advisory on Portrayal of Women in TV Programmes

14) IBF's Advisory on Quiz Programmes dated. 2 May 2014

15) IBF's Advisory on Quiz Programmes dated. 2 Nov 2011 

In totality there has been 100% compliance of BCCC’s decisions and the meaningful and positive impact can be gauged by the fact that television viewing experience has changed and evolved over the years. There is a constructive recognition of BCCC’s self-regulatory mandate by the Ministry of I&B, which refers complaints received/generated by it to the Council. A positive synergy exists between BCCC and Ministry of I&B with the Council’s Secretariat keeping the Ministry informed of the action taken by it.

The Council has, from time to time, received matters, complaints and references from the Hon’ble High Courts. It provides inputs to the Ministry of I&B for responding to questions put up by Hon’ble Members of Parliament.

BCCC has also brought about a constructive change in how content is viewed & perceived as it has never acted as a pre-censoring body. We also present to you, the theme wise analysis of the various complaints that the council has received.