Membership is helpful

  1. IBF represents television broadcasters.
  2. Its sole goal is to collectively improve the governance-bound economic growth prospects of television broadcasters by helping open gateways of access to revenue opportunities that matter. In doing so, the Foundation collectively identifies issues of import, researches these issues deeply, builds consensus around these issues, agrees to a strategy and execution plan on resolving issues, and most important, stays focused on execution until the issues are resolved.
  3. Like all such sector or industry associations, IBF works through a board.
  4. Members of the board and/or the Foundation Office bring issues to the fore, and then follow the process above to figure out if • the issue is important enough, • the issue is researched sufficiently to arrive at root-causes, precedents, best-practices • the issue can be addressed with a strategy that will deliver a solution effectively, and • the strategy and consequent execution plan is enabled by the board to deliver.
  5. Every issue is dealt with through a working team, a committee, a task force or by the all-important team of office-bearers to arrive at conclusions and take them forward.
  6. The Foundation Office ensures that when an issue is important, consensus can be arrived at through discussions, dialogues, research presentations, white papers and the like.
  7. IBF helps manage credit and collections with advertising agencies and its effectiveness keeps improving regularly
  8. IBF has helped move the sector to net bill advertising agencies and effectively end an old practice that keeps returning with questions from the tax authorities on a regular basis
  9. IBF manages content complaints on its member channels through the Broadcast Content Complaints Council.  With the kind of responsible self-regulation this can deliver, the effectiveness of the industry and the standards it would portray can become exemplary.
  10. IBF helps manage industry issues through several active committees, e.g., legal, distribution, credit management and audience measurement management.  Each such committee helps resolve issues such as extended-brand advertising, suing bodies that are illegally causing problems for the industry, taking up issues with the Government, et al.