Challenges and opportunities in a digital world


22 Mar 2017
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MUMBAI: There is presently a lot of action going around 4G and the Indian government’s Digital India initiative to bring digital connectivity and content to people who may previously have been unconnected. Nevertheless, there are challenges. One of these challenges is that most content on digital platforms is still in English. The other challenge is, while the infrastructure is there, wired broadband connectivity is a problem. Another challenge is for telecom operators to find the right price point given that India is a price-sensitive market. These points were made at the session ‘Connecting the unconnected: upgrading technology and infrastructure in the last mile’ at FICCI Frames 2017. Indiacast Media Distribution Group CEO Anuj Gandhi noted that a lot of content was there on online platforms like YouTube. “Infrastructure is building out, but wired connectivity is a challenge. The last mile belongs to the cable operator and the multi-system operator (MSO). We missed the bus.” The last mile is needed for 4G. If this does not work, then the digital divide will remain. The infrastructure has to evolve to get to 100 Mbps. On a positive note, smartphones have filled a screen gap. After all, the majority of homes are single TV. Also, there are fewer theatre screens, which means smartphones will continue to play an important role going forward. Read more at: |