BARC Introduction

Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) formed in 2014, is the world’s largest television audience measurement service. After its joint venture with TAM, it is now the only ratings body for the broadcasting sector in the country.

BARC India currently has 22,000 Bar-o-meters installed across the country, and is mandated to scale that up by 10,000 annually to reach 50,000 metered homes by year four of operations. BARC India began reporting Urban (1L+ towns) TV viewership data from April 2015 and then scaled that up to include Rural TV homes w.e.f October 2015, a first of its kind initiative. This has helped the broadcast industry understand what 153.5 million TV households, of which 76 million are in rural India are watching.

BARC India launched its services with 277 subscribed channels. Today, the number of channels that have adopted BARC India’s watermarking technology and are subscribed to its services has grown to 470+. Additionally, more than 3000 BARC India Media Workstation (BMW) terminals have been deployed at Broadcasters, Media Agencies and Advertisers across India: an indicator of industry’s acceptance of the new TV Viewership measurement system.

This year, BARC India also signed a JV Agreement with TAM and formed a joint meter management company, Meterology Data Pvt Ltd (MDL). TAM will uninstall all its meters which will get re-deployed in BARC India panel homes in phases and data will be fused and published through BMW software. Spot Monitoring and Channel Monitoring data is being exclusively sold by BARC India to Broadcasters, Agencies, Advertisers and others.

BARC India is also currently working on split beam monitoring and digital measurement project which are currently underway.

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